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Thanks for stopping by!  Early in 1992 I saw my first lampwork beads while vacationing in Arizona.  The world stood still when I realized they were made by hand....one at a time!  Could it be that I could learn to do such a thing?  Play with FIRE?  After purchasing a few beads, I decided to give this amazing process a try so that I could individualize the jewelry I had just started making. Finding a teacher was my next order of business (not as simple in '92 as it is these days!). To make a long story short, I ended up purchasing a torch, some glass and Lewis Wilson's first video at Glasscraft and just took off from there! I've been happily making "Cindybeads" ever since! While I still continue to make and sell a little jewelry, there is nothing like "melting" to fill my days with happiness!



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I  have a "signature" on many of my beads- a pawprint.

For those of you who don't know why
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One thing I enjoy is creating beads from swatches of wild fabrics. 
One bead can contain all the colors within the fabric-
and often the "energy" of the pattern as well.

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Prices for my lampwork beads range from $10/pair to $50 each.
The cost is dependent upon the size and complexity of design. 

Quantity Discount/Wholesale Policy

The Beadmaking Process:             

The torch I use is the "Lynx" torch by Glass Torch Technology, which mixes propane and oxygen at the surface of the torch head.  The Nortel Minor burner is also an excellent torch.  Most of my beads are made with Effetre glass made in Italy.  I have had good results, also, with Kugler, Bullseye and Uroboros glass and have experimented a little with borosilicate and Satake glass.   
Read more about the studio/setup.




Live in the Denver Area?  Get a MAP to Cindybeads
So", you may ask, "where can I go to see and feel some CINDYBEADS?" 
Here's a listing of some shops that carry them.

Also, you may order online by e-mailing me at cindy@cindybeads.com

or make an appointment to drop by and see EVERYTHING.....  303-423-1616



Giving Back.....

I have had the amazing opportunity to make THREE
trips to ETHIOPIA
to help train students
in HOPE Bracelet making

Support is still needed
for this GREAT project...

Cindy's piece of the Puzzle-Sharing my Strength

PIX from the 2006 Ethiopia Trip
LOTS more images...taken in October, 2006

Read all about the 2004 Ethiopia Trip


Read all about the 2003 Ethiopia Trip
A mere 12 pages of pictures or the trip that started it all!

Learn more about Project Mercy



If you LOVE BEADS, see what's coming up with the
Rocky Mountain Bead Society

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Interweave Beadwork- Spring, 1998,    "The Cindybeads Sensation"    


Women's Circle- April, 1997


Lapidary Journal-July, 1995,   "Great Balls Of Fire!"    


Denver Post, Living Section-July 26, 1995,   "Great Balls Of Fire" 

"Cindybeads Promotions & Marketing Division"

My Mom, Edy (left) and my Aunt Imo have been found
traveling around together wearing massive amounts of
Cindybead jewelry for many years now. 

My aunt Imo, sadly, passed away in October, 2010, but Mom is still out there marketing her heart out.
actually lives in Arizona, but travels lots and
might be found anywhere, anytime......

Beware of being accosted by Mom and forced to
hear all about Cindybeads!  We love and miss our angelic Imo!

thanksCLR.gif (15158 bytes)for your interest!......Visit Often!

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Special thanks to Rebecca Thomson....my first bead buyer,
artist extraordinaire, advisor and friend.....for the wonderful bead drawings sprinkled around the pages of this site!


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