Edd & Cindy's Dream Home
                       IS  HERE!....   

  11734 West 76th Lane (in FOX HAVEN FARMS)
Arvada,  CO    80005     

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1217Torching.jpg (82545 bytes)December 17, 2001

As you can see,
we're not quite settled,

but I'm
Happily Melting

Read more about the studio/setup



December 7

The first thing moved into the house
was the gift from Roger, our builder
It's a Locomotive Tea Kettle!!







December 7

Here's our new, improved mailbox!






November 30

LOTS of action at the homestead today!  
Here comes the carpet!

First, the tack strip



The electrician has also been installing the
lighting and outlets these past few days

How do you like Roger's tile/woodwork 
around the fireplace??





November 29


Hardwood floors in the kitchen, powder room
and hallway are being installed.  This flooring has
been pre-finished and has a slight bevel on each board.






November 16

The outside is being painted!

This is the second try...
click to see the first selection,
(rejected by the covenant committee)








November 9

The Kitchen Cabinets are
Going UP!







Edd loves to get in there





The drywall, texturing and painting has been finished. 
The walls look white, but are actually a very
light blue.....

Here's a view of the Entertainment Center
in the Great Room taken from the
second level, just outside my studio door





 We also have linoleum in
 <----------             the Studio,                            
bathrooms and laundry room. 






November 7

This is our soon-to-be mailbox

Edd is afraid to install  the locomotive mailbox
at the sidewalk for fear someone will
whack it.  Sounds like it may have it's home
on the front porch.........






October 27

We now have a front porch and
a "meandering" sidewalk!

Three big round pillars will soon
replace the supports in this image







October 26


The two back decks are almost finished.  The upper one 
(without railing) has doors to the 
master bedroom and my studio.

The lower deck in the background
is much larger (12x20) 
 and is just off the "great room"





October 20


It took at least TWO  trucks
to bring out all the cement
needed for our driveway!







Cindy's special-order,
extra-long soaking tub....


A h h h h h h 








Outdoors, workmen are putting the last of the shingles on the roof.....






October 19


The Great Room is also being insulated today!  

What an itchy job THIS must be!!







But, when I despair 
I can just look out my studio window.....

What great beads I can make 
with this kind of inspiration 
just outside!!!






October 19

Not much has been happening these past couple of weeks!  This is my studio awaiting the installation of the 860 cfm fan and make-up air vent.  As you can see, the insulation is going in this weekend.  





October 1

The siding is finished now, and the tar paper has
been installed on the roof.  
Also, the heating ductwork and plumbing 
are finished.
The electrician is busy inside finishing up the
rough wiring.
The inspector will be arriving any day.....
after he signs off on everything, the
drywall can commence-
hopefully next week!!!



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