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October, 2007

Our koi are growing.
We now have 6 koi and 4  goldfish.

Also, we had BABIES for the first time this year. 
At least 2 koi/goldfish mixes and 5 goldfish (still black)


I'll try for a better image...
lots of cloud reflection I couldn't get rid of
on this one.










June, 2006


The pond is maturing
and the "children"
growing fast!









We now are up to 11 are 9 of them.






July 30, 2003

The Pond
is getting











of Lily #1!









Here are 6 
of our 7 "children"






June 10, 2003

we have Grass!

The drought kept us from getting it installed last summer!

We opted for fescue sod in the front yard. . .
more drought-tolerant




July 29, 2002

Alas. . . .

there are leaks in the liner
The pond has been drained and filled several
times now to find the problem.  

Here Rich and Jerry
(The Bosses)
work on attaching the liner to the underside
of a huge flat moss rock.











The pond is filled and running!

And the rock is being added around the 
"meandering path" of cobblestones.







These guys are ingenious!

They use the Bobcat to move the rock all the way down from the street.

Then they dump the rocks into wheelbarrows. . .  3 AT A TIME!

It is HOT outside these days
approaching 100 degrees every day








Each little plant will have it's own
little irrigation drip!









Now the pond is beginning to take shape.  

They used the tractor to place the two large boulders in the upper right of the image.  The water will cascade off these and into the pond
 . . . . hopefully making LOTS of noise!

Since I took this picture after they guys left, it's hard to tell how big it will be, but the finished size of the pond will be about 8'X20'. 








Here the guys are bringing in fine sand to place below the pond liner.  This will protect the rubber from punctures. 

The temperature today is 100 degrees and these guys worked Non-Stop. . . amazing!  The rocks used for the wall are HEAVY and many have to be shaped with a sledge hammer to make them fit together.

(This was taken from
 the main-floor deck.)






Autumn Gold's First Phase of the Brown Project:


Cindy Is EXCITED!!!

This picture was taken
at the
Pond-Breaking Ceremony
on July 3, 2002

(From the upper deck.)




Now for all the HEAVY WORK!  Rich Hoverman from Autumn Gold has master-minded the landscaping plan and his guys are doing a wonderful job of bringing his vision to life!

I know Edd is happy his manual-labor part in the landscaping project is at an end.  Now he can resume his supervisory duties as he has done since he first found the building lot ...every step of the way..........Thanks, Hon!






Edd's Hero!










The process did NOT go without a hitch, however. 

The BOG captured the little tractor and we had to "call in the Cavalry"....Steve and his all-powerful tow chain!









This little pipe-puller saved LOTS of time by burying the sprinkler pipe in the ground.  Our lawn will have 8 zones of sprinklers (plus 3 for shrubs, flowers and the Pond).






June, 2002

Well, it has begun...
The YARD. 

Edd wanted to get his hands in the dirt and do the sprinkler system himself.  He really DUG right in there!  The process of hand digging lasted for several weeks.  The poor guy was sore all over, but got a great tan on his legs!




Hi, All

I didn't plan on continuing the Dreamhome Pages after we moved in, but we still keep documenting the work and our progress toward making our house a HOME.
Rather than e-mailing these pictures to each of you, I'll keep posting them here and you can re-visit whenever the spirit moves you.

We're happy as little clams in the new "digs" !!!


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