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Well, where to start!  I guess I'll begin with the first Gathering of Glass Bead Artists in Prescott, Arizona and work backwards.  This amazing group of people came together, many for the first time, in mid-1993.  At the time I had just been making beads for a month or so, and the work of these artists truly jump-started my humble, already-frantic creativity!

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Here's Tom Holland at the torch with Kristina Logan looking on...


Brian Kirkvliet is making a bead while Kate Drew-Wilkinson watches


This image shows Kevin O'Grady making a glass bracelet--more fire!!!

Making glass beads, and making jewelry with beads prior to that, was at first a stress relieving hobby for me.  I tried my hand at silversmithing in the late '80's but the polishing just did me in!  Beads were discovered while on  vacation when I wandered into the Bead Museum in Prescott.  The adjoining bead shop had this great quantity purchasing discount, so even though I had no idea what I'd DO with them, I got LOTS......(sound familiar???). 
My "real job" was supervising the animal control unit for the Arvada, CO Police Department.  I worked there from 1973 to 1996, and about half of my time was spent in a truck answering complaints people had about animals.  Usually, however, it was not the animals, but their owners that were the root of the problem, hence the STRESS!

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Glamorous, eh?  This is moi checking the tag number of a wayward and lost weimaraner.
Circa 1975

This was taken around 1993.  Still picking up stray dogs and listening  to people whine, but I have better wheels!

So, my love of animals
and my career

in animal welfare
led to the

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to all my family and friends,
who have supported me in leaving this secure career
to do what I love!

  My Great Husband, Edd 

He calls himself "the supportive spouse", and he certainly is!  Besides helping with shows and offering excellent business advice, he also keeps my accounts and my computer in order!   All this in addition to an  accounting/income tax business!
What a Guy!



Edy, Lisa, Marque and Wayne Lesuer

Gathered for my marriage to Edd in May, 1992



 Me,  Happily Melting

in thinner, younger years....sigh


Before I started my career with the City of Arvada, I worked at the Denver Dumb Friend's League, a Denver-area non-profit animal shelter.  In the early '70's, right after some college , I also worked in two different veterinary hospitals.  From childhood I wanted to be a veterinarian, but ended up in animal welfare instead. 
Jewelry was always very important to me as well.  I always thought people would be better off bald and naked with lots of cool jewelry!  Fine jewelry, though--beads were for people who couldn't afford the real stuff, (or for grandmothers..).    Thank goodness my taste in that area, as well as in many others, has expanded and matured!!!

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"Kitten Restraint-101"
During a visit with my Aunt Imo in Nebraska
Here are a couple of images of my
EARLY Animal Control Career...

dog.jpg (73029 bytes)

I still have a LOT to learn....

Here are some other things I love!

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        all shapes
         and sizes


Hanging Lake
near Glenwood Springs, Colorado

My Miata


Our Grandchildren! 
Click the images to see More Pix of Brandon, Emma, Elias & "the Fam"!





Sneaking around with my camera waiting to immortalize creatures and the wonderful things they do!

This has caused tension

with others who have had
to wait for me!!!

So, these are a few of my Favorite Things....
(I'll add more images as they become available)

Tribute to my brother Marque-2004

The  BROWNS' Home Project -- 
This "Baby" took most of 2001 to complete!

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