Brandon Anthony Ortiz



entered the world on
June 25, 1993

His Mommie, Christine
LOVES him....
and so do we ALL!








Darin was a trooper
throughout the ordeal
at the hospital

he sure looks proud
of his new family!

















Uncle Todd
jumped right into his new role
He's a Natural!









Before we knew it,
it was time for Halloween

Christine aptly dressed him
up as a bumble bee

("B" ....that's what we call him)







Resting up for his 
next big adventure!








So much new stuff to LEARN!          







It didn't take long
for Brandon to
be entertained by
pulling Grandpa's






In July of 1994
we had a BIG family reunion
in Pennsylvania

FIVE generations
were present at 
the festivities, which
continued for several days




Brandon also traveled to 
the WEST Coast to spend the first
of many wonderful vacations
with Grammy and Papa Tom









"What a BLAST to have so many to love me!"





Dad is happy to help out     
with a birthday present...    
.....just this once....     







  Now, THAT'S 
   a BIG DOG!!






Halloween of 1996
saw the entry of the
"Batman Phase"







And in 1999 it was time
to start School!

Where DOES the time go?








Brandon is a sporty guy
and his flag football team
was helped out by his dad








Cousin Emma arrived in 2001.
Brandon was one of
her caretakers
from the very beginning,
and they are still Best Buddies!










Brandon was happy to help cousin Emma
open her gifts that first Christmas











In 2002 "B" joined the school
band as a percussionist.



.....DRUM ROLL.....










A thrill-seeker at heart,
Brandon loves to climb on
the waterfall at Grandpa & Mimi's










His Grammy and His Emma
are Just the BEST!









A Watery Birthday
who could ask for
MORE?  Happy 10th!









October, 2003

Brandon is Emma's
Honorable Steed









Brandon is a proud member
of the Blackhawks
Basketball Team








....and he played in the
6th grade band at the
Christmas Concert
December, 2004







So Talented....     

..........And he's              
CUTE, too! 









Brandon and his dad are true athletes!

This pic was taken on Mt. Bierstadt, one of Colorado's
in the summer of '05

Great job, Guys!







With the beginning of the new school year....7TH GRADE....

Brandon is exploring
the wonderful world of FOOTBALL
Here he is at Game #1...





























Brandon still finds the time
for family.
Emma thinks he's just the Greatest!












He loves her, too!

"B" is learning to be
a photographer
and recently took this picture
of The Dancing Queen...










Halloween, '05 debuts "Napoleon (Dynamite)"
trying to be excited about
becoming a firefighter....














His heart just can't take it...
and he has to be revived by Mom and Emma!









Christmas, 2006


Brandon and Emma
have a
Mutual Admiration Society!







October, 2007

Here's Brandon readying himself
to compete in the
State band semi-finals
He's a proud member of the
Ralston Valley High School band








                                   Brandon the Horseman.....












    October, 2008               Still a Marching Man!








Thanksgiving Pile-On!
















June, 2011

Brandon is 18!



See more pix from our Family Celebration












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