Welcome to the World,
Emma Jane.....

the first child of proud parents Todd & Tina 

September 12, 2001

6 pounds, 11 oz    18.5 inches











Emma Jane Brown
and her
Proud MAMA






Emma Jane Brown
and her
Proud PAPA







AW, Daaaad!!!






































Cousin Brandon has a web page, too!



















































Isn't she




October, 2001 





























Emma's Baptism
 Nov 10, 2001








The event was fun......

 .... but made some of us sleepy! 













All in all, it was a 
Great First Christmas!

Emma needed help opening all those
great gifts, but she got to spend
lots of quality time with all her
"Kith and Kin"......
especially Great Grandma Iris!










Watching Emma Grow!

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