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BIG Holiday Bead
"Puffy Tabular" shape  

This bead is about 27mm tall
and is signed ........$40


5-K                     2 in 1's
These were made to fit on the Burgard Ring, but would look great on 
bracelets, etc, as well!         $12 each  
16mm tall  
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Yin/Yang Bead

Any 2 colors can be combined, 
but I love THESE!
 $15 each  
20mm tall  


Ring Beads

These beads are especially made to fit on the 
Burgard Interchangeable Bead Ring 

I've used ivory glass that has been "stained" with fine silver.    $8 each     16mm in length
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Summer Flowers
These look best from the side
since they are very tall
and thin...
they make great buttons for bracelets or centers for seed bead flowers!
    $20 each



This little tabular bead
is cobalt with polka dots of 
Dichroic glass.

$20       18mm tall





This is the closest to a
Floral bead I've made....

22mm tall - Oval in shape






This tabular "feathered"
is signed around 1 of the holes
$40        26mm tall


"Icing on the Cake"
A Set of 3 Beads

While these beads can have a core of any color you like, the design on the surface has a metallic-like surface

Focal bead is 20 mm tall.  Matching pair beads are 15mm in diameter




Twisted cane Tab

It's difficult to see in this image, but the turquoise line
is on the core of the bead and the twisted cane floats
above it on the surface of this tabular bead
20 mm tall       $20 each



The Petroglyph Heart

This one was made especially for Valentine's Day!
As always, other color combinations may be ordered.
27mm tall       $30 each




The Tuxedo Bead

 Shape is tabular and design on the reverse is different.
Duplicates will be slightly different in design.
As always, other color combinations may be ordered.
22mm tall       $25 each




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