Save Your Arms!

Make A Sling for Support!


After beadmaking (part-time) for several years, I began to experience symptoms of repetitive motion injury in my left arm.  The pain was persistent and getting worse about the time I was to make glass beadmaking my full-time occupation, so I consulted Sue Winegardner, hand therapist and ergonomics expert.  She kindly visited my studio and watched me work.  About a week later she returned with this strange-looking contraption, which I began using immediately.  I found that I could easily pull stringers or twisted cane while in the "sling", and I could quickly get out of it in case I dropped something hot into my lap (VERY important, don't you think?)  The damage to my nerves took several months to heal, but I lost NO time from my work during my recuperation.  It may LOOK funny, but give it a try!



1 square foot foam-backed fabric for 2 supports
2 yards 1-inch Velcro (you won't use all of the "hook" side
16 inches 2-inch Velcro:  hook side
2 yards 1 inch flat cotton webbing
fabric glue or a sewing machine to attach Velcro to fabric
1 metal ring: 2 inches in diameter to connect supports together
cable or chain to suspend the sling from above

Sorry for the poor quality of the images below.....I had to try to recover them 
from hard copies of the directions....eek!


The 2-Inch metal ring will support the sling by  wrapping the four ends of the webbing through it.  Adjust each support by repositioning the Velcro ends.

The sling may be suspended from the ceiling by chain or's best to have this be adjustable, as well.



Many thanks to Sue Winegardner for her intervention! 
I hope it helps you as much as it has ME!