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A recent project was to make a heart 
to match these two scarves...


Karen Wrote:
I have a special project which is dear to my heart.  My daughter is getting married on May 5 this year.  My very best friend is coming down here (Florida) from Michigan - I have known her since we were 2 (we are now 52).  When we were young, we used to play dress up.  My father traveled a lot and bought silk scarves in every state he visited and brought them home to me.  Beverly and I would dress up in these scarves and dance to the Nutcracker, etc.  Of course, we each had one scarf that was our special scarf - mine was turquoise in color and her's was chartreuse - the other scarves didn't matter who got what, but those were each of our special ones. I would like to have some kind of bead (I was looking at your beautiful hearts) made incorporating both of these colors - I am attaching a picture of the two scarves so you can see the colors.  I would also like the bead in a finished form as a necklace so she could wear it to the wedding (I want to give it to her at the rehearsal dinner) - I don't have any brothers or sisters and we used to call each other "sis" and she still calls me "sis" so we are probably closer than most blood sisters - I was adopted and we used to pretend that we were really sisters, but no one knew!


Virgie2.jpg (55275 bytes)

This Amazing Jacket
  Zelda Bailey

to create a wonderful necklace
to accompany it.

At her request I made several large beads for the customer's consideration as the focal point, and Zelda worked her magic.......
It turned out great, didn't it?



                                                                                    Click for a close-up!


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