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  MANY THANKS to our 2003 DONORS!
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25 Project Partners:  The stars of the Project, responsible for donation of our Rio Grande silver beads, SoftFlex for every bracelet, tools, underwriting of the charm casting, design of the brochure, photography, printing, overall idea promotion, hosting of our Flame-A-Thon, volunteer meals and meetings, retail sales of the bracelets and cash funding for supplies.  Project Partners include:  

Rocky Mountain Bead Society

Rio Grande

Azad Photography

Fire Mountain Gems & Beads

Strings Restaurant

Trice Jewelers

Mike Sherman, Scott Clark, Soft Flex Company

Jay & Cindy Phillips, Rocky Mt. Beadtrader

Cindy Emerine  

Barbara Mizrahi  

Zach and Shannon Abote, Bella Glass

Dougal's Catering

Jim Bork, Momentum Design  

Bill Wall, XP Apparel

Doug Lane, Fastlane Productions

Brian Sweany  

Teresa Mundy  

Evelyn Arnold  

Gretchen Rosenberg-Faber  

Joni Doolin  

Carolyn Martin, PhD  

Capital Area Beading Organization  

Lewis Wilson, Best Bead Show

Glen &
Joan Johnson, Bead Renaissance Shows

Denver Channel 7


36 Featured Bead Artists: Lampworkers from around the country who donated a minimum of 5 sets of bracelet-size beads. 
Our featured bead artists include:

Michelene Berkey, Silversmith, Tigress Design Studio, HOPE Charm designer

Elizabeth Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson Art Glass

Christine Schneider, Kiki Beads Lampwork

Kim Miles

Joyce Rooks

Chuck & Carolyn Driver, Blue Heeler Glass  

Cindy Brown, Cindybeads

Lark Dalton, Corrie Haight, Olive Glass

Cindy Sailor, Through the Looking Glass

Ellie Macnish

Nancy Lawler

Lauri Copeland

Jiley Romney, Jiley's Studio

Kathy Johnson

Jacqui Collins-Parker

Pati Walton

Johanna Stephenson

Teresa Johnson

Leslie Anne Bitgood, Crazy Woman Glass

Linda Lyon

Pat Lauzon, Being Beads

Ginny Sycuro

Lea Zinke

Patrik Bobko

Valorie Cox

Sky McDonagh

Kalera Stratton

Lorraine Al-Rawi

Laurie Olson-Sabol

Mavis Smith

Tab Berkey

Tamara Domenico

Phyllis Kenyon

Bernadette Fuentes

Wanda Karcher

Karen Bye


22 Participating Artists: Who donated assorted lampwork bracelet beads, glass filler beads or silver toggles or beads. 
Participating artists are:

Laurie Sue Bissell

Janine Crowley

Stephanie Foster

Roxanne Taylor

Kathy Ratcliff

Rae Shyne, SonShyne Design

Kelly Schroeder

Lonnie Hanzon

Philip Hodgdon

Stoner Turner

Deanne Durfee

Randy Martin

Josh Martin

Ama Nishi, Cute Cha Beads

Kimberly Stark

Marna Hartjen

Patty Moore

David Christensen Blown Glass Beads

Kathy Wilson, Geraldo Goodwin

Melissa Perry Glass Studio

Peggy Houchin

Sharon Peters


4 Featured Donors:  Really big suppliers of filler glass beads!

Bonnie Heidler, Bonnie's Beads

Jon & Sharon Ostrander

Terry Rhoades, Bokamo Designs

Mary Broyles, Ornamental Resources

17 Contributing Donors:  Helping out with filler beads and silver. 
They include:

Mary Karg

Ofilia Cinta

Martha Pafralides, Bead World

Jon Kubricht, DaBeads

Janet Applebaum, Desert Gems

Steve & Bobby Rhoades, Bokamo Designs

Laura Shea, The Dancing Rainbow

Dan Starkey, Ayla's Originals

Jana Thompson

Vilma Dallas, Dallas Designs

Anita Lamprell, Lamprell Industries

Pat Crawford, Fancy That Beads & Things

Kathy Figenshau

S L Rawson

Deborah Weber

Sammy Huntington

The Beadin' Path


Product Sales for Fundraising

We sold 500 bracelets at a minimum donation of $100 per piece to raise $50,000 for Project Mercy.  The Cunningham Foundation in Denver coordinated all sales and donations. 

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