Creating the First HOPE Bracelets
Project Mercy    June, 2003


Many of the volunteers for the HOPE Bracelet Project were unable to help the week we visited because they were studying for 8th grade National Examinations, which was a disappointment to us at first.  We were amazed by the speed at which the students picked up the technical aspects of this new skill, though, and their interest in passing on the information to their friends after we have returned to America.  The design and color sense of each student was so wonderful and different than beaders in the US, eh?  From left in the picture are Gete, Agrie, Kidan and Marta.  Tammy Cunningham, the co-leader of our illustrious 23-person Share Our Strength group, is appreciatively looking on.....

On Day 1 Devon (standing) did a fantastic job of starting the basic bracelet-making training!  We had a few bracelets with lots of Soft-flex showing after the crimps were tightened down and had to do some repair and re-stringing, but it was amazing how quickly the ladies got the knack of it!

We had lots of extra volunteers from our group, as well as some other visiting Americans that we had just met! 

        Beads are MAGICAL!




Nearly everyone in our group stopped by to make at least ONE bracelet!  We were fortunate enough to have Marta and Deme at "the BEAD SHOP" one day while we were creating!








Noel and Tammy were also a big part of the effort!

              (In case you haven't been fortunate enough to meet them, they're the folks in the yellow shirts)








Aren't they
Some Happy Beaders?






  Devon, Tammy and I were SO proud
  of these ladies!  

 Here they are.....
          each wearing all the 
                    bracelets SHE MADE!

Gete and Agrie will be teaching several of their fellow students how to make bracelets as soon as the National exams are finished.  That group will complete the last of the bracelets.





Click on these 3 images for a larger view.....they're MY favorites!!!

IAllDone.jpg (187190 bytes) IGeteAndBracelets.jpg (136822 bytes) KBestBracelets4.jpg (134317 bytes)

This scene will most likely be in the HDTV documentary.  We're showing the camera ALL those beautiful bracelets 
(and the on-looking neighborhood ladies are amazed by these "crazy Americans!")

Doesn't Gete look Fabulous wearing ALL her bracelets??

Our Inspirational FOUR
each showing off his/her
These sold on Nov. 16 
at our silent auction for $1,000 EACH!



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We're happy to report

that all the 2003 bracelets have been SOLD! 

The cost is a minimum donation of $100 per bracelet 


Each of the 500 2003 HOPE Bracelets features a sterling silver charm 
specially created by Colorado jeweler Michelene Berkey.

The word "HOPE" is engraved on the reverse

We are already beginning to plan and collect BEADS and SUPPLIES for a SECOND EDITION of HOPE bracelets for 2004!  Michelene has generously offered to create a sterling custom toggle clasp design just for this next batch ....stay tuned for details!

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