The Jewel of Yetebon
Scenes Inside the Project Mercy Community


Education is the cornerstone of Project Mercy.  Each of these students is expected to spread his/her knowledge on to the others at home and in the community.  In the image below, students are reciting poems and songs they have written to teach the community about HIV/AIDS.  After a planned parade at a nearby village a few days after our departure, they will be performing in the marketplace ...we're sorry to miss it!

Click to see AND HEAR these kids sing!!!



Here is Mike Ditchfield posing with the soccer team.  Tammy and Noel Cunningham, our fearless  group-leaders, have generously arranged for most of the team's uniforms!

A great time was had by ALL!!






Here I am posing with some of the students who have been fortunate enough to get an education at Project Mercy.

These boys have been busy studying for exams, but always had time to visit and seemed to like to practice their English.

Many of them walk to school for 2 hours each way...(notice most of them are barefoot!) living way up this mountain or the ones behind it.....That's Dedication!!!!



The film crew got LOTS of great footage of Marta and Deme in the Organic Gardens.

We ate the vegetables from these gardens every day and they were amazing!  They also sell wonderful peach-colored gladiolas to the fine hotels and restaurants in Addis Ababa!



LOTS of the big activities take place in this central area of the compound.  The building behind the flag pole is one of the emergency feeding centers.  Behind that, about a mile or 2 up the mountain is the new hospital and 11 doctor's apartments.

The dining hall/laundry/church are off to the left of this picture and the school buildings off to the right.  The cattle barns, gardens, and permanent quarters for children who live here full time were behind me as I took this image.






One can almost always find a game of "duck, duck, goose"
in progress!  These children all live full time at Project Mercy and some are AIDS orphans.







These beautiful little 
yellow birds were everywhere!






                           Here, Kitty, Kitty!






A tiny millet used to make
Injera, Ethiopia's delicious fermented bread!



This is the citrus grove.

All these trees have been grown from SEEDS and soon will have other varieties of citrus fruit grafted onto them.
I'm a witness to how wonderful the fruit of these trees tastes already !




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