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With deepest sympathy to all of Marque's Family.
I'll always remember Marque as a kind and gentle, easy going soul.
Tom States (Aurora, CO)

My condolences to Marque's family. Marque worked for Analysts International for many years and that is how I met him. He was a wonderful employee and a joy to work with.
Ellen Ritt (Englewood, CO)

Marque worked for us at IBM for several years and was a "great" guy to work with. He was one of our best employees and will really be missed!
Larry Fleck (Longmont, CO)

I met Marque while working at Analysts International. He was such a joy to have on staff, and I'll never forget the motorcycle ride he gave me at IBM! My sympathies and prayers to his family!
Sharon Cole Verley (Cazenovia, NY)

I sold my our Ford Explorer to Marque. My husband Kirk and I moved to Colorado from NY in Sept 1999. I was pregnant with my 4th son so we needed more seats. We drove to where Marque lived and took him to the credit union where we signed the title over. He had to drive me back to Fort Collins. He told me all about his illness and we got to yapping soooo much we passed the exit. It was funny. My late husband died at 41 in 1996 from a brain tumor called glioblastoma multiforme. Our sons were 8, 6 and 2 1/2 at the time of his death on 12/30. I thought Marque was amazing because of his attitude. We kept in touch briefly. I recognized the name as soon as I saw it. I was not able to open any of the pictures.

Kirk and I have another son and his name is Cameron too. What a beautiful tribute to your brother. I'm happy to hear he was a believer in our Saviour. It is comforting to know we will be together again some day.

My Mom died of lung cancer after 4 months in 1982 just before Thanksgiving. This time of year is really full of alot of emotion for me.

Thanks for keeping in touch and I will pray that God will comfort you.

Leonora Colavito Williams
Leonora Williams (Fort Collins, CO)

My Dad also has CML and I got to know Marque online -- we shared emails after finding that we had some things in common -- I am a pastor, and also have three sons. I was very interesting in the dietary changes that Marque had made -- he always answered my questions with such good humor. My memory of him, just through knowing him by email, is of a man who loved God faithfully, loved his sons passionately, and loved life actively.
God bless you all -- my life was enlarged by knowing him, and our world is diminished by his passing into eternity.
Susan Zencka (Saint John, IN)

I would like to tell Marque's sons and his family that I knew Marque from the CML Internet list, though I have never had the pleasure of meeting him in person. He was a remarkable man.

I knew that he had participated in a number of trials and tried several treatments to get his CML under control, unfortunately without lasting success. He was a true CML warrior, but most of all he was a family man and his boys were his life.

He lived life with an admirable zeal. We will all miss him.

Most of all I wish his boys a bright future as he would have wished it for them. May the good memories sustain all of his family.
Margot Menefee (Wichita, KS)

Dear Cindy and Family
What a fitting and beautiful tribute to Marque. His light and love touched his entire CML Family and he will remain an inspiration to all of us.

Thanks for sharing this with us. It was a true joy and privilege to get to know Marque. He will be missed but I know he's above smiling down at all of you and his precious sons.

With love and prayers,
Barbara Heathcote (Raleigh, NC)

We know and love Cindy very well, we have been truly honored to know her. We only wish we could have met Marque his memories are an inspiration to us. Our prayers to his family and to our Cindy Loo.
Much appreciation and love..
Tammy & Noel Cunningham (Englewood, CO)

What a wonderful web site. Marque and I (along with Gina) were some of the originals. We all joined the list around the same time. We fought hard together. I was so sadden when I heard Marque lost his battle, but boy did he fight it. He was tough and a true CML Warrior.
Please take care of yourselves and his boys.
Ginger Jarnagin (Houston, TX)

Cindy, please give all your family a big hug from me! Tell the boys they are in my thoughts and prayers!

I had the good fortune to meet Marque on-line and we quickly became offline pen pals. We discovered we had a lot in common: our love of scuba diving, alternative medicine approaches, and we even took our vitamins alike - eat half, take the vitamins, then eat the other half. Marque was my greatest supporter at a time when interferon was taking its toll. He'd call and tell me about how great Gleevec was and that I just needed to hang on and pretty soon I'd have my remission. He talked me through the down times and laughed with me during the good times. He taught me there is no such thing as 'false' hope.

I'll always remember Marques' smile, his laugh, his chili!, and most of all his love of people. I am very blessed to have known him.
Gale Bacon (Dallas, TX)

Dear Cindy and The Boys,

I knew Marque from the CML list and he always gave me great hope and support since my diagnosis in 2001. I never met him in person, but I am so glad to have known him through the Internet just a little. He had a zest and love of life that was inspiring.

My deepest sympathies to all of you.

A fellow scuba diver and CMLer,
kristin lieberman (san marino, CA)
What a wonderful website! Mark was well-loved at our church and will be surely missed by all.

"In my Father's House, are many mansions..."

                                                                    pastor Jim
Jim Walters (Lakewood, CO)
Dear Cindy and family,

Marque was a loved member of our extended CML family. We will remember him as a very positive and spiritual influence on our CML journey. We wish you healing and comfort in knowing that Marque has impacted so many and will live on in our memories.
Kelly and Rob Glatts (Solana Beach, CA)
My sincere condolences to the family of Marque Lesuer. He was a fellow CML'r and a great inspiration to all of us. He will be missed by all of us. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
Joan Porter (Jacksonville, FL)

I had the good fortune to arrive late to a seminar in Portland, OR at OHSU in 2000 and sit down next to Marque. From that time on, we kept in touch. I was amazed by his faith, his optimisim and his love of life. He was kind and honest, and ALWAYS made me laugh out loud. His tales of his adventures (which I think every day of his life included) delighted me - particularly when he talked of his sons. His life, to me, is an example of how I should try to live. He inspired so many. I will forever smile when I think of this wonderful man who remains the ultimate example of a gentle-man. I am blessed to have known him.
Paige Brown Strong (Nashville, TN)

It is always with great sadness that we learn of the passing of a fellow CML Warrior. Marque fought so hard and inspired peace and grace in so many of us. My prayers go out to all of his loved ones. May you all find that your loving memories sustain you in this time.
Geri Sehnert (Fairport, NY)

I met Marque on CML website back when I was diagnosed with the disease in late 1999. When I discovered that he lived in the Denver metro area, he suggested we meet for lunch. After that, we would get together 3 or 4 times a year to catch up with each other. We talked a little about our disease and courses of treatment. But mostly, we talked about the things that really matter. Marque loved his boys so much and he loved talking about them. He often had new pictures of a dive trip or family photos. We also talked about our faith a lot. Marque and I shared a great interest in Bible prophecy and we could talk about it for hours. He always had teaching tapes or books to share about the Christian walk. He encouraged me so much, and I hope I encouraged him, too. I will miss my good friend very much and I look forward to the day when I see him again. How different our conversations will be then!
Terry Nowell (Littleton, CO)




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