Flame A Thon II
November 16, 2003


While this was a smaller event than the Spring Flame A Thon....only 6 torches running....we had the awesome honor of having Marta and Deme HERE from Ethiopia.  They even brought their son, Sam!  We also had camera crews from Fox31 and Channel 9!

A Great time was had by ALL!


                             Shannon and Zach-Great Hosts!
                                BIG HEARTS!!!


















         Matt, Noel and Deme
         perusing the
         HOPE Donor flyer





 After a little coaching from Leslie...and help lighting the torch, the lovely Marta made a couple of beads!















Betsy, the "Mother" of the HOPE Bracelet Project, got interviewed by Channel 9 and Fox31 Television!






She also presented Marta and Deme with a check for $25,000....the first half of the proceeds for 2003 bracelet sales!  WOW!





The beads are OFF the mandrels
(thanks to Anji, Cindy & Roxanne) and
we ended up with
a whopping 281brand new HOPE beads!


281BEADS.jpg (385219 bytes)






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