Visiting Project Mercy
is better than staying in a 5-star hotel

Let's start with the FOOD.
In Ethiopia you can gain weight, you say in disbelief?
Well, YES!  These ladies cook two meals a day for about 900 kids,
plus another menu for visitors like us.  Everything is fresh
from the garden and the pristine mountain air makes it all
taste wonderful. (It could be the love in the air, too)





A wood stove...a BIG ONE

does most of the cooking








Just cutting things UP
must be a full time job
for a couple of people






Mitmita 101

Thanks, Marta,
for showing us how this amazing Ethiopian spice is made!


Unless you are
experienced, brave
or really dumb.... won't want to
be around
while this stuff is being

It is HOT and the powder
goes everywhere


She is BRAVE and Experienced





Soup is prepared
daily for the
students at lunch....

...LOTS of soup






Until a dormitory can be funded
the ~50 full-time resident
children sleep in rooms with
beds lined up along 2 walls.

Not much opportunity to
have "your own space".


The HOPE Bracelet Project
hopes to remedy this



There are bathrooms with toilet paper and the showers always have hot water

Life is GOOD!



Gete & Zenash
(sisters & expert bracelet makers)

live at Project Mercy full time.
They study and work hard
and still found time to
entertain us







In the evenings there was always Jenga.....






  ......and Hugging








Baby Ruth has parents
on the staff,
but she is cared for and
loved by everyone,
especially Deme





 She's already a Bead Girl!







What is so wonderful about
Project Mercy is that
Everyone HELPS Everyone




Special Thanks to Marta, Deme, Tammy


and NOEL....

who lifts us ALL UP
so we can SEE



                                                         I love you all!



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