The Glenn C. Olson General Hospital
in Yetebon
Built, Staffed and Maintained by Project Mercy

On September 15, 2004 the new hospital saw it's first out patients.
Gradually, the hospital will grow into a full-service medical center 
serving the Yetebon community.

The wonderful staff at the hospital

                                                    This is the main patient entrance..









The ceiling of the hospital's main waiting room is awe-inspiring.  The wood used comes from a native Ethiopian tree......species unknown.






The X-Ray department








Sterilized surgical packs







The Pharmacy


















Lab and Technicians

Esayase (foreground) and his 
are the guys who 
collect and processes all sorts
of specimens






Dr. Berehanu and his colleagues
are very proud of their
operating room











Central Supply






Cribs for the little ones...







The First Inpatient -- 
3 year old's (yes, THREE) life saved by emergency surgery.

Dr Kassaye, Dr. Yohannes
      and Dr. Berehanu








In case of power failure
it is essential that the hospital have
a back up generator.

This panel is one of THREE in all
of Ethiopia.  It will turn on the
generator within 3 seconds
if the power goes off.







This is a view from the front door of the hospital looking out at the road. 

 Soon the landscaping here will be as lovely here as it is inside the campus








Three Small Project Mercy Outpatients

One can find, at any one time, between 50 and 65 little ones being raised by Marta and Deme.

Each has his or her own story.  Some are orphans and some came after years of abuse...




Saving Lives Starts with Healthy Homes

Besides providing health care at the hospital,
Project Mercy is actively involved in providing instruction
(especially for new mothers) encouraging better hygiene



For instance, when washing a baby
it is important to start with the head
and work down....






Marta and Deme
work closely with the environmental health office to dig wells,
providing clean drinking water







They also work together to
encourage the building of for each residence.  

Here men are measuring
a latrine




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