Birds, Bees & Flowers


I am ever so inspired by the sights and sounds as I meander through the Project Mercy compound.  This fall there were elegant birds passing through on their migratory way...




me of





and others sported colors that never ceased to amaze me!
























    Some were NOISY         










Some were HUGE     









These birds, I thought, just ate ticks from the donkeys, but I learned they are harmful to the animals.  They can actually cause serious wounds that can become infected and kill them!










is my favorite









This bird nest is entered from the bottom!  I found another on the ground and managed to get it home, where it will decorate a wreath in our great room!












These bumble bees
loved the yellow flowers....

They were BIG
and NOISY!




Some of the flowers grew in beds or were brought inside to decorate our bedrooms




























Other surprising discoveries, while greatly admired...begged to be photographed.























This wooden gate   
leads to one of the two   
organic vegetable gardens   


















And this is TEFF.  It is a very small grain used to make the famous INJERA, a fermented bread served with nearly all Ethiopian traditional meals.






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